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Milling G-Code Verification
FAST and ACCURATE Tool-Path Simulation

Of all simulators we tried, this one is easiest to use and gives the fastest results
Handles G41,42 cutter offset correctly and recognizes automatic toolchange like Fanuc's G28
7 types of user definable cutters supported
See your G-code file cut on-screen as a rendered model. Collision detection reveals where in your code a proble might be waiting to happen.
Step forward and backward through the G-code file and see the corresponding cuts displayed in the model
Text editor and rendered model tightly linked to show codes and corresponding cuts
Dynamically Zoom, Pan, Scale, and Rotate the cut model
Measure size and depth of a pocket.
Easy customization files for machine specific posts
New customization files provided free if you have any difficulty

A black marker shows what program line is currently producing the cut displayed in the rendered view as you single-step through a G-code program.

The cutter is displayed as a wire frame (not shown here). The dialog in the upper right lists the coordinate data for each cut.

Part geometry can be easily measured when in plan view.

Measurements include: section thickness, distance and elevation between features, circle center and radius, and more...

Tool Geometry defined by adding commented statements to the post:

;TOOL/MILL, Diameter, Corner radius, Height, Taper Angle

CutViewer also provides interactive dialogs to add the Stock and Tool information directly to the G-code file.

The program also provides a tool database for your standard tools.

CutViewer uses a simple text file with an .nci extension to configure CutViewer for specific style of post. Several sample *.nci files are provided with the program.

Please see the Readme_Mill.doc in the "\CutViewer Mill" directory for more information on creating custom configurations.

Each configuration file added to the CutViewer's install directory will appear in the "Files of type" combo-box list.

CutViewer customization files are automatically loaded by selecting the appropriate file filter in the drop-down list.

To try this: Select the Standard G-code (*.nc) filter from the list shown the load the file Demo1.nc. You will see a block of material appear. Press the run button to see the block cut.

We use CutViewer in our own shop. We like it because we are able to view a post from TahlCAM immediately in CutViewer. TahlCAM can post the additional comments needed by CutViewer to describe the stock and tool sizes used by the animation. Of the tool-path simulation programs that we tried CutViewer was the easiest to use.

CutViewer is a 32-bit program for Windows 95 and later. Any computer that will run Windows well will also run CutViewer. The latest version of CutViewer_Mill.zip is dated 1/22/03. To install, run the setup.exe contained in zip file from a temporary directory.

We will be very happy to assist you in getting CutViewer up and running at your company. Just call us at the number on the products page. Email support from the developers is available: support@cutviewer.com

Download fully functional 30 day free trial of CutViewer v2.8 (1.4 MB). Return to the products page to purchase now.